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Broken Tie Rod & Lower Ball Joint
These pictures are here to show you what can happen when a tie rod & lower ball joint break. Failure to have your vehicle inspected on a regular basis could result is failures such as these. (These parts can also break when in an accident or when coming in contact with a large pothole or road debris)
Headlight Lens Restoring $69.99 Tax
For $69.99 we can restore the clear look to your headlamp lenses. Lenses that have been on the vehicle since new can become less transparent which will cause low light output. The restore will bring your lenses back to life for proper light output.
Engine Sludge
When your oil & filter isn't changed at the proper interval your engine will develop engine sludge over time.
Fuel Testing
Sometimes fuel will not be properly formulated causing running issues. Also if your system doesn't seal properly the chance of water getting in your tank is high. Bad fuel can cause serious running issues.
Broken Clutches
These images are showing what a broken clutch disc can look like.
Carbon Build Up
Carbon build up can cause running issues. In this gallery you will see before and after pictures of carbon build up.
How are your brakes?
Failure to have your brakes inspected can cause extra damage that could have been prevented.
Wiring Mess
We have seen multiple vehicles with amature wiring jobs. Using improper connection methods could cause fires or the electrified part not to work. You can also have wires rub through on body components causing the wire to break or have worn insulation over time.
Corroded Battery Terminals
If your battery is corroded this can cause damage to the cables,battery & terminals. Failure to clean the battery can also cause the vehicle not to start.
Upgraded Wheels
Change your vehicles wheels to make it your own. We offer many brands of wheels stop in anc we can show you a few options.
Lift Kits
Hollywood Motors installs leveling kits & lift kits to all makes of trucks. Call for a quote today!
Suspension Upgrades
Hollywood Motors offers multiple options for suspension performance. Call for suggestions on your vehicle toady.
Custom Paint
Hollywood Motors offers custom paint on multiple applications. Also ask about having your paint light up!!
Brake System Upgrades
From big brake kits to custom powder coated calipers we can handle all your brake needs
Vinyl Graphics
Call today for a vinyl graphics quote.
Engine Upgrades
Hollywood Motors can handle all your engine upgrades & machine work.
Performance & Aftermarket Upgrades
Factory Promotions
M-F7:30 a.m.6:00 p.m.
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